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the ouai haircare the chic spirit estefania vazquez conde

The OUAI Haircare Review

· My honest thoughts on the very hyped-up haircare line ·

November 10, 2017 0 Comments

A while back, Kim Kardashian's hairstylist Jen Atkin launched her 'OUAI Haircare' line and it immediately started popping up in every beauty blogger under the sun's insta feeds. Magazines were raving about the brand, making it quickly become a bestselling sensation at Sephora, and, let's face it: the minimalist packaging design totally got our attention. Her shampoos and conditioners are also sulfate-free –which helped pique my interest– so earlier this year, I caved and purchased three of their products: the Volume Shampoo, the Repair Conditioner, and the Hair Oil. Having used them almost daily for the past three months, today I want to share with you my thoughts on the products, and whether or not I'll be repurchasing them in the future.

the ouai haircare the chic spirit estefania vazquez conde

The Hair Oil

Ingredients: I’ve decided to start with the more positive review of the lot: The Hair Oil. I honestly get the hype on this lightweight, divinely scented hair oil, I do. The main oils used in this product, as per their ingredient list which I’ve posted below in red, is Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Shea Butter. They claim on their website that the main oils are Ama Oil, Argan Oil, African Galanga Oil which are present, but further below on their ingredient list. Since Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil is not explicitly shown on their ingredient list, I can only assume that the ingredient Tocopherol (Vit. E compounds) might be derived from Argan, if their claims that this product contains Argan Oil is true.

hair oil the ouai ingredients

Review: The product is wonderfully lightweight and sweetly scented. However, I find that if I apply a little too much, it doesn’t penetrate the hair as well as other hair oils I’ve tried, and sometimes leaves an oily residue. Overall, the size (45ml) is great for travelling and it does an ok job of hydrating the hair ends, but it hasn’t proved to be worth its elevated price tag for the ml given nor is it up to par with other hair oils of a similar price range such as Kerastase’s Oil Elixir –a long time favorite of mine.

Repurchase? Perhaps, in the future to keep in my travel bag.

the ouai haircare the chic spirit estefania vazquez conde

The Repair Conditioner

Ingredients: As for the Repair Conditioner, the ingredient list is quite interesting. I’ve highlighted their claimed main ingredients in pink: Tamarind Seed Extract (hydrating & smoothing), Keratin (the main protein hair is made of) and their famous Amino Acid Blend –further down the ingredient list starting with Alanine. If you look carefully, the conditioner contains many of the same ingredients listed in the Hair Oil, which I’ve highlighted in red.

The OUAI repair conditioner ingredients

Review: Let me start by saying that the texture is rich, creamy and the product is lightly scented. I’d classify the hydration derived from this product as in the medium range. I do however feel that since using this product, combined with the volume shampoo, my hair has become duller and lost a lot of its shine. This might be attributed to the fact that this product contains amodimethicone silicone and not dimethicone. Amodimethicone causes less build-up as is water-soluble, meaning that everytime you wash your hair, the product dissolves. Comparably, dimethicone might make your hair look shinier, as it needs to be removed with surfactants and won’t easily wash away just using water. When washing our hair, most of us don’t shampoo the entire hair strands top to bottom, which helps the ends stay healthier and more hydrated. However, when using this product, just wetting the hair makes the previous wash ‘disappear’ and unless it’s immediately reapplied, the hair is left more vulnerable. A dimethicone-based product ‘coats’ the hair shaft giving the appearance of thicker, stronger hair, which I personally prefer for my hair type, but it really is just a matter of preference (people with curly hair might benefit more from amodimethicone, for example, as it is more light-weight and won’t weigh the hair down, making this product better suited for them).

Repurchase? No, for now, I have my sights set on Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil or Quenching Conditioner.

the ouai haircare the chic spirit estefania vazquez conde

The Volume Shampoo

Ingredients: Finally, the last product on the list and honestly my least favorite of the three. Just like the conditioner, the shampoo has the same claimed main ingredients which I’ve highlighted in pink, although naturally in different quantities inside its formula. The consistency is lightweight and runny and lathers up nicely. It is Sulfate free, but still has plenty of gentler surfactants very high up on the ingredient list, (meaning that the higher-up an ingredient is listed, the more quantity of it is present in the formula) which I’ve highlighted in red. My biggest concern is the high concentration of Cocamide MEA which is a controversial ingredient in beauty products and could potentially contain traces of Cocamide DEA, although it has been mostly considered safe in rinse-off products in various studies.

the ouai volume shampoo ingredients

Review: I found the product to be quite inefficient in regards to the volumizing claim. Usually the next day after washing, my hair falls limp or quickly becomes greasy -something I had not experienced in the past with other shampoos. This could possibly be due to the fact that the shampoo contains a plethora of hydrating extracts to counter the drying effect of its many surfactants, a formula that does not work on my hair type. 

Repurchase? No. Currently, other shampoos on my radar are Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo or eventually just repurchasing to my all-time favorite Kerastase Bain Volumifique. 

What do you guys think of the Ouai products? Anyone find that the formulas work well for them? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me on:

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